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This could include work on the structure of the project, facilitating the perception of content directly on the quality of this content. Search engine optimization (eng. Advertising on the Internet has several advantages, unlike conventional advertising: the possibility to monitor the reaction and actions of Internet user, the advertiser can quickly make changes to the advertising campaign.




November 2015

Written advertising was embodied, in addition to papyrus scrolls and wax tablets, inscriptions on the roadside stones, and also on buildings.


March 2016

In essence, for effective in-game advertising are the most suitable economic online multiplayer games and business simulations, where the actual goods, services, and brands are the basic elements of gameplay, which, respectively, provides the highest loyalty to the advertised thus brands and very high depth to contact the advertiser with each user.


June 2016

Another example of gray optimization — a website without a redirect, when in contact with the website does not automatically redirect to the promoted website.